Radio Control Airplanes are becoming more and more popular with new hobby enthusiast.

RadioControl-Faq naturally will stir questions about which airplane to purchase.

The hobby of rc airplanes is bound to spark radiocontrol-faq.

Many people have different concerns relating to getting started in this wonderful hobby.

Listed below are a few...

- Are rc airplanes hard to fly?

- What is a good beginner airplane?

- Should I buy a kit or Almost ready to fly?

- Should I try to fly alone...or get some help?

- Can I fly anywhere?

- Are rc airplanes hard to fly?

RC Airplanes are hard to fly in the beginning.

They are because you need time to develop your eye coordination when learing to fly rc airplanes.

But with constant practice it becomes a lot easier to control the aircraft.

- What is a good BEGINNER airplane?

An airplane with a large wing, for great visibility and stability.

It also should fly slow enough for the beginner pilot to be able to control the aircraft.

This is a very good model for the new pilot. It has the right flight characteristics a beginner pilot needs.

Should I buy a Kit or an ARF(Almost Ready to Fly?)

It really depends on your personal time, if you have time to build...then choose a kit.

However, if you are in a hurry to learn to fly, then CHOOSE a ARF airplane.

Should I fly Alone....or get an Flying Instructor?

If you new to the hobby of rc airplanes, get an EXPERIENCED instructor to assist you with flying your aircraft.

DO NOT fly alone, if you have never flown an rc airplane before!

These are NOT toys, and could cause harm to OTHERS!

Could I fly my airplane ANYWHERE?

No! rc airplanes...should be FLOWN only at designated AMA flying fields!

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