How to Fly RC Airplanes with Mental-Flight Preparations!

Mental-Flight will allow the new pilot to think mentally about flying radio control airplanes.

Yes flying model aircraft can be very overwhelming for beginner pilots. Some of the symptoms you will experience are...

* nervousness

* shaking kness

* sweating palms

Here are some common mistakes many new pilots make....

* Flying too far away

* Flying in very high wind

* Landing airplanes nose high

* Over running the run way

* Over correcting while turning in the sky.

Even if you train with an experienced flying instructor, these symptons will still be presense. Why? Because you are new to the hobby.

Do not be discouraged it is a learning process that everyone experieces.

Once you learn to control your airplane, many of these emotions will become less and less.

Flying is a great deal of FUN. However, it can take a bit of time to learn fly properly.

Here are some possible tips to calm your mind...

1. Never attempt to fly your aircraft when you are NERVOUS. Why?

Because attempting to fly while in this frame of mind, you could possibly crash your aircraft or endanger other people.

- Fly your airplane when your mind is RELAXED and ALERT!

2. If your knees are shaking you should not attempt to fly. WHY?

- Because you should allow yourself some additional time to calm your emotions. Do not get upset, when you regain your composure then simply go fly.

3. If sweating palms are a problem.

Do not fly your aircraft at that moment, it generally means a slight sign of anxiety.

- Allow yourself a few minutes to relax your mind and then attempt to fly.

To conclude you will enjoy this great hobby even more when your mind is relaxed.

Apply the above tips for better flights!

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