Are You Over Spending-Money On Radio Controlled Model Airplanes?

Spending-Money on Radio Controlled Model Airplanes can be a very expensive hobby.

There are various rc model airplanes available today.

However, some are reasonably priced while others can be extremely expensive.

This article will explore reasons why many pilots over spend money on rc model airplanes.

Well there are some questions to ask yourself?

1. How many model aircraft do I NEED?

2. But I just enjoy buying model aircraft?

3. Do I NEED the most expensive models?

If you cannot pay your personal bills, then maybe too much money is being spent on radio control airplanes.

If that applies to you, then look at the questions below.

1. How many model aircraft do I NEED?

You only need (ONE) if you are a beginner just learning to fly. It should be a highwing trainer aircraft, recommended for first time pilots. As your flying skills improve, then purchase other types of aircraft.

2. But I just enjoy buying model airplanes?

Yes many hobbyist do, but why buy more models than you really need or can (afford)? If you can AFFORD many models, then you have no problem.

3. Do I NEED the most expensive models?

No! the more expensive models are mostly flown by very experienced rc pilots.

Expensive aircraft - $1,500 - $3,000 etc.

Develop your flying skills to the point where you can one day build and fly more expensive aircraft.

To conclude, only you can answer the questions above. This article was written, only to remind you to keep your spending under control.

Yes this is a great, wonderful hobby, stay winthin your personal budget.

You do not have to KEEP UP with anyone!

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