The UltraStick-Review is about an rc airplane I just purchased recently.

It comes factory built, all I needed to do is assemble the aircraft.

It is an ARF(Almost Ready to Fly)airplane.

This is great because I do not have a lot of time to build airplanes. I spent three days working and getting everything ready for the maiden flight.

All the necessary parts assembled just fine, until it was time to hinge the ailerons and elevator. BELIEVE it or not this was the HARDEST part of the airplane assembly process!

It was very difficult, but I had to get it done.

The slots for the hinges were just simply to thin, I managed to cut the elevator and aileron slots enough where they fitted safely.

There were no other such problems encountered.

Now the aircraft is fully assembled, I thought about adding some other decals to the airplane.

But it really did not need the decals.

The top wing is white with green and blue trim. Bottom wing is white, I like the way color design was done.

Everything is correct after the final assembly check. The onboard receiver battery is being charged up for a few hours.

If weather conditions are favorable, I will give the ultra stick its maiden flight.


The Ultra stick flew very well for the maiden flight.

It lifted off the ground very gently with a smooth climb to the left.

I got up to an altitude of about 300 feet and began trimming the airplane out. It showed no bad habits and flew the way a stick aircraft is supposed to fly.

I enjoyed the way it handled loops and fast turns in the sky!


If you have mastered your trainer it is time for a more fun flying aircraft. A stick airplane is the WAY to go!

I've flown many stick airplanes over the years, there is really nothing like them.

You wont get bored flying them!

They fly faster than trainers!

They can do air maneuvers better than trainers!

They are fun airplanes to fly!

Most veteran rc pilots own or have a stick airplane!

Here is a picture of the aircraft.

Yes these airplanes fly really well. I really do like the ultra stick, it is an aircraft you can really grow and gain more experience.

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