Radio Controlled Airplanes - Flying Giant Scale Airplanes!

Giant scale airplanes are very large radio controlled airplanes with wingspans of 85" - 100".

These aircraft are not CHEAP, the reason being many of them are ARF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly).

Here is a pic of a 330Low-wing

Aircraft of this type, do require quite a few stronger components such as...

- Larger more powerful engines - 100cc

- Larger servos

- Larger wheels

- Stronger flight batteries

Why? because bigger scale airplanes require much more power to fly safely.

Mr pilots who fly large airplanes, have said they are very easy flying than smaller aircraft.

However that may be true, but YOU should consider your own personal flying skills and ask yourself the following....

* Are you a beginner pilot?

* Have you ever flown a large radio control airplane?

* Are your flying skills equal to the demands of such large models?

* Can you afford the expense of these aircraft?

- Are you a beginner pilot? If you are, then giant size aircraft will not be a wise choice in this early stage of your development. It is best to choose a highwing trainer develop your flying skills, then move on to more advanced aircraft.

- Have you ever flown a large radio control airplane? If not, visit a hobby store and ask an experienced rc salesperson to assist you in flying large scale planes.

If you purchase such a model and CRASH it, a very expensive lesson will be learned. These models cost between $400.00 - $1,000.00, let an experienced rc pilot who knows how to fly such aiplanes, help you with the correct setup.

- Are your flying skills equal to the demands of large airplanes? If they are not, consider IMPROVING your flying skills, before moving up to very expensive airplanes.

- Can you afford the expense of larger aircraft? Giant airplanes are vastly more expensive, for various reasons...Larger engines, more expensive servos, expensive radio transmitters.

The questions above were just a reminder to think about your personal situation, before making such a serious investment.

If you can answer the questions above honestly Click here to visit info about the 330Low-wing


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