About Me

The About Me page is where I discuss my reason for building this site!

I am August James, the webmaster of a site that offers tips and recommendations.

I began flying rc airplanes in 1989, and fell in love with the hobby.

I built this site to help people that are new to rc airplane flying.

There were so many things I did not know when I started in the hobby.

The Internet was not what it is then as it is NOW.

I had to read magazines and visit flying fields to learn about how to fly airplanes.

Yes it took a great deal of effort, but was worth it in the long run.

Now with the availability of the web, information is available in vast amounts on a variety of topics. However,today if you were starting a website, SBI (Solo Build It) should be your choice.


Because they have many ideas for you to CREATE your OWN online business!

Is Solo Build It For Certain People?


It is for anyone who has a DESIRE to build a online business!

Solo Build It! Questions

You must be willing to WORK in order to realize your online business SUCCESS!

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