Corsair RC Airplane - Flown at many RC Flying Clubs!

The corsair rc airplane is flown at various rc clubs. It is a popular low wing aircraft.

The model in this article is a F4U-1D corsair 50 ARF.

It is (Almost ready to fly), meaning no BUILDING is required, but you will need to take a few hours for assembly.


* What is the wingspan: - 57"

* What is the length: - 45"

* What is the wing area: - 620 sq in.

The recommended engines: 2 stroke - .46 -55, 4 stroke - 72-82

* 6 channel radio

* 5 servos

* Has retracts

* Does not have flaps

You will need to purchase an engine, radio transmitter and servos separately, they are not included with the corsair.

Here is short pic:

Aircraft Color: Dark blue with white trim with assembly time around 9 hours.

A very nice flying airplane for the intermediate pilot. It appears to fly rather nicely through the sky.

Watch the video for more information on the corsair...


It really is something nice to fly, if you have mastered your trainers and other low wing airplanes. Give this model a try, it maybe what you need in your flight development.

Some handy tips:

- Do not fly this model too far away, because of small wingspan.

- Do not fly too high in the sky on a cloudless day, because your corsair might blend in with blue skyline.

- Do not fly your corsair too fast, get used to how it handles during first flights.

I do not like this aircraft, mainly because of the way it looks.

However, the way a airplane looks, is not really important but how WELL it flies!

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