The 3 Best Flying RC Airplane Trainers For Beginners

Here are 3 great flying rc airplane trainers for beginners who fly rc airplanes!

Really there are many fine flying radio controlled airplanes available today, but this page will discuss three specific trainer planes.

They are as follows...

The Goldberg Eagle2 has 63" wingspan, requires .40-.46 engine. It come as a ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) meaning the model is factory prebuilt, but requires a few hours of assembly.

I have flown this airplane.

The Tower Trainer Mk2 has 62" wingspan, requires .40-.46 engine. It comes also ARF, is a very good flying aircraft for the beginner pilot.

I have flown this model too!

The Tower Trainer 60 MK2 has 69" wingspan, requires .46- .61 engine. It flies very smoothly through the sky, this is a large aircraft.

Great for the first time pilot.

I have flown this airplane as well as many other aircraft.

Beginners need remote control aircraft that will help them develop flying skills. When it comes to rc airplane flying, highwing trainers are recommended for the new beginner.

What benefits do highwing models offer?

* They are easy to fly and fun.

* Many are prebuilt and require assembly.

* They are designed for beginner pilots.

What are the drawbacks of highwing models?

- They fly poorly in high wind.

- They fly slowly.

- They are not very aerobatic aircraft.

If you are really interested in learning about radio control airplanes, the models above will make a great start!

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