RCAirplaneEngines are very important to radio control pilots to ensure proper displacement and maximum power. There are various engines, but this page will discuss the glow engine.

Have you heard of the glow engine?

Well, if not, it is very popular to those who fly radio control airplanes. They come in a variety of sizes and displacements, ranging from .25 - 1.2 cu.in something for every model airplane enthusiast.

Wait before you rush off...

Why? because there are some important considerations...you may not know.

A glow engine is an internal combustion power plant used to fly a radio control aircraft.

They are avaiable in 2-stroke or 4-stroke configurations.

What are the main parts of an engine?


Needle Valve

Glow Plug

A carburetor provides fuel and air needed for combustion.

The needle valve controls the mixture of fuel and air at mid to high speeds.

A glow plug is screwed into top of the engine head, and is ignited by a battery-operated glow started.

Also some pilots use an electric starter for quicker starts.

A glow engine uses specialized fuel, it contains methanol and nitromethane.

The 2-stroke's operates on every revolution.

The 4-stroke operates once every two revolution.


* easy to start

* Produces more power

* Very reliable

* Consumes more fuel

* Will not start when flooded


* Realistic sound

* Consumes less fuel

* Floods easy

* Expensive

Which One is Right For You?

It really depends on your specific needs.

- If you enjoy fast flying and need power choose a 2-stroke engine.

- For slower relaxed flying, choose a 4-stroke engine.



O.S. Engines

Nelson Engines

It is important to power your rc airplane with the proper engine displacement. Safety should always be a high consideration.

Selecting an engine that overpowers your aircraft can create a very dangerous situation, for all parties involved.

Evolution engines

Fox engines

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