An RC Airplane Propeller Can be Dangerous if Not Handled Safely

RC Airplane Propeller safety is always necessary for ALL pilots when operating model aircraft engines.

There are many types of propellers, such as:

- wooden

- fiberglass

- 3 type propellers

- 4 type propellers

- Folding propellers

Regardless of which type you use, safety is very important.

Well what are the dangers of propellers?

- Cause serious injury to others

- Lose an EYE

- You could lose a cut your FINGER

There are more dangers not listed in this list.

Propeller Safety Tips

- Do not expose your face or have others stand too close when starting your engine.

- Do not use broken or cracked propellers.

- Read the safety warning and follow its directions.

- Where googles when starting your engine.

The Dangers of Propellers

(My Little Story)

I was at the rc flying field, trying to my .61 webra speed engine. When the finally ran, it did not run at full speed. If it had, I would not have a right thumb. It cut my right hand when the propeller turned, because I was not looking at the engine. I had to go to the emergency room, and get stitches. I learnt a hard lesson.

It was all my fault,I should have been paying careful attention to the engine. Do not attempt to start a model engine, if you are being distrated. Propellers can be dangerous, if they are not handled properly.

Always be very careful when starting any type of propeller!

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