Electric rc airplanes

Oh the Clean Quiet Fun of Flying Aircraft!

There is a certain level of fun flying Electric rc airplanes.

No engine fuel residue on the aircraft to clean later. Just enjoy being in the wild blue yonder. Forgetting about all your cares and concerns, is a great way to relax the mind.

These aircraft come in various sizes, large to small. The wing - spans can range from...35" - 68" on some models. Some aircraft have the motors pre-installed, but still require a few hours of assembly for completion before first flight.

What are the parts needed to complete a typical kit...

* 3 - 4 channel radio

* 3 micro servos & receiver

* Lipo Battery & Charger

* Brushless Motor

Why would you select such Aircraft?

Well let's look at some reasons....

- They are quiet flying planes

- No fuel residue to clean later

- Limited field equipment to transport

- Can be flown at small parks (use caution)

- Slow flyers, great for beginners.

Are there Safety Concerns? YES!

Anytime time you fly radio control airplanes, SAFETY must always be considered. Although small in general, aircraft can be a danger to others if not handled with caution.

Add sound to your Electric Model Airplane!

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