Electric Model Airplane

Add a RC Aircraft Sound System For More Realistic Flight!

Let your electric model airplane come alive by adding a rc aircraft sound system.

Aerosound r/c is pround to be the sole distributor of the exceptional Benedini rc Aircraft sound systems for USA and Canada.

If you enjoy building large scale airplane or a 3 pound ARF, the benedini sound system could make your electric rc aircraft come ALIVE. The TBS Mini digital sound units reproduce original recorded engine sounds at 22.050 Hz sample rate for the highest in sound quality.

The engine range covers starting, engine idle, acceleration, speed dependent engine sound returning to idle and engine shut down.

Choose from various types of engine recordings that add realistic sound to electric rc planes.

Two powerful amplifiers are available, that offer incredible volume.

Listed below are some questions you may have:

* Could you record and play your own sounds? - Yes, with the program cable and software available from Benedini.DE

* Could I change engine sounds or add machinegun sounds? - Yes, engine and gun sounds can be changed with the programming cable by requesting a new sound file from AerosoundRC.

* Could I use my own speakers? - Yes!

* How much does the system weigh? - A sound system with amplifier, sound unit and speaker=8oz.

* How much current does a sound system use? - 1.5 Amps to 2 Amps on 11.1 volts with one speaker at full volume.

Take a listen to pilot Pete Nicholson, he really explains how the whole procedure works.

Click on P47 video that is pete nicholson.

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