RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters are quite different from airplanes because of the construction, aerodynamics and flight training.

There are several basic designs, and some more versatile than others.

Infact the more versatile designs are harder to fly.

They provide a long sequence of challenges, and the corresponding satisfaction of mastering them.

After hovering, there is forward flight, nose-in hovering flight, auto-rotation, aerobatics and inverted flight.

There are many fine models around today for new pilots.

Check the list below to see if any of the items attract your interest.

Consider finding an experienced pilot to assist you in learning how to fly your new model.

Ask around at your local hobby shop for help.

Also a simulator, could help aid you in your learning efforts.

Take some time and visit different flying fields and watch others fly.

It is a lot fun meeting people enjoying the same interest as you.

You can ask questions and recieve a lot of very helpful information.

The more you learn the better pilot you will become!

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