There are many Airplanes, learn how to select the Right One for You to Fly!

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Airplanes flown by radio control is hugh Fun! Many people enjoy the hobby of flying an rc airplane through the sky.

It is time to select a model to learn the basics about flying RC. This particular model is called a (High Wing Trainer), is great for first time flyers new to the hobby.

The High wing trainer is a slow flying aircraft, it is designed for beginners. Mostly everyone that learns to fly a rc model start with a high wing trainer.

Trainer help beginners get the feel of what it is like to be in the sky. They can fly very slowly, thus allowing the beginner to react to the controls on the radio transmitter.

A Great Trainer to start with is one that has a large wingspan of about - 60-70 inches.

Shown below is my (kadet Trainer LT40arf) it has a 70 inch wingspan.

This is a Great flying aircraft for a beginner, I have had it for about 3yrs. Very easy to see and fly in the sky. I have other aircraft also, but enjoy flying the kadet.

Choosing a Good Engine For Your Plane!

Rc Airplanes are powered by a glow engine.

The glow engine can be either (two stroke or four stroke), using a glow plug to ignite fuel. The fuel is a mixture of slow burning methanol, nitromethane, and Lubricant(castor oil or synthetic oil.)

The two stroke engine is very popular with many new pilots.

  • more performance power

  • easy starting

  • more affordable

    The four stroke engine is also popular with pilots.

  • more realistic sound

  • reliable performance

  • quieter sound

    I like both engines and have used both in my models.

    Low Wing Sports Planes

    Let the FUN begin to the Wild Blue Yonder!

    This is what got my attention, a low wing aircraft similiar to this model.

    Shown below is my Kaos 40arf model

  • 55 inch wing span
  • 40 mds 2 cycle engine
  • A very good flying model

  • Low wing aircraft have the wing attached under the fuselage, thus allowing it to fly faster and smoother through the sky.

    These are for advanced pilots, not recommended for new beginner flyers.

    However if you are a beginner, a highwing trainer would be the idea aircraft to learn your flying basics!

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