Explore the Fun of Electric RadioControl Airplanes

Learning to fly electric radiocontrol airplanes is an excellent hobby to pursue in your spare time. Infact flying electric rc airplanes is great fun and relaxing for the whole family.

This is a great way for beginners to learn, because of the clean quiet approach to flying radio control aircraft.

There are many new electric rc airplanes for experienced as well as beginner pilots. If you are just learning how to fly hobby model airplanes, you should locate some local rc flying clubs in your area.

Many rc airplane clubs have members that will be glad to assist you in selecting the proper aircraft equipment such as:

- motors

- speed controllers

- Flight battery packs

- radio transmitters

Also visit hobby stores, because experienced rc salesmen will assist you in selecting your first electric airplane.

Why? sometime inexperienced beginners mistakingly think, when they see a sports model it is easy to fly. Not realizing because it is electric, will be easy to fly. That is NOT true.

Below are some necessary tips that should help you choose the right electric airplane:

* Highwing aircraft(The wing is located above the fugelage) this configuration has proven to add more stability for beginner pilots.

* Electric airplanes come in a variety of wingspans, if possible choose a model with a wingspan "31-50" inches.

* Choose a RTF(Ready-to-Fly) aircraft, meaning it is already built and include all the components needed to fly.

* Before purchasing your first new model, find out if spare parts are available in event of a crash.

What are the benefits of electric flight:

- Electric rc airplanes also come ARF(Almost-Ready-To-Fly) needing only assembly with models.

- Some aircraft are RTF(Ready-to-Fly) the model is already built, no building is needed.

- Electric aircraft require smaller flying areas for smaller models.

- They do not require nitro fuel for flying.

What are the downsides of electric flight:

* Flying airplanes with very small wingspans.

* Locating spare parts.

Flying rc airplanes is a wonderful new hobby, but you need some help when choosing one model over another. EconomyRC is a website that can offer you that help.

Visit economyrc, they offer electric trainer aircraft, sport and many items.

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