A RC-Evolution-Engines .40 NT Review


RC-Evolution-Engines come pre-assembled, the .40 NT just needed it's muffler attached. It came neatly arranged in the shipping box. The instruction manual was included in the box.

A pre-installed glow plug was already in the engine.

Engine break-in

I read the instruction manual, and followed directions. It was simple to understand. The .40 NT started very easily, than many other engines. I used a 10x6 zinger wooden propeller, it ran real well from full power to idle. I ran it through one full tank of fuel.

I finished the remaining engine break-in period in the sky.


The evolution .40 NT flew rather smoothly, no problems with engine stalling. It took only a short time for the proper break-in process.

Take a look at the pic below...


The evolution 40 NT is a very fine engine, if you do not have much money to spend. It can be used in your trainer or a beginner sports airplane.

It has enough power for beginner pilots to fly safely. Also the engine is affordable.

I love my 40 NT!

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