Does Radio Control Model Airplanes-Price Really Matter?

Does radio control model airplanes-price really matter to you?

Well it depends on what you are asking.

Are you referring to price as if it will determine how well an airplane flies?

Does more expensive aircraft fly better?


The less expensive an aircraft is, lesser flight characteristics?

To answer both questions, the price really wont effect how well an aircraft flies. There are many components such as the quality of woods that determine how well an airplane flies.

Also how well a model is designed and built.

Here are some things to consider...

- Many factory(prebuilt) aircraft are constructed very well, most of the needed accessories are included. That's the reason many models are expensive.

- When you or I choose to build a kit (building an aircraft from balsa wood plans and instructions). The quality depends on the wood used and following manufacturer's instructions.

Now here are some questions you should consider

1. How much does Airplanes-price matter to YOU?

2. Are you capable of flying a $1500 - $2,000 airplane?

3. How do you react when you experience a crash?

4. Are you a skillful builder?

Here again only you can answer the above questions.

1. How much does price matter to YOU?

If the price is not a factor, you might spend an unlimited amount on a rc airplane. If you can afford to do so fine, many pilots spend several hundreds of dollars on radio control models.

2. Are you capable of flying a $1,500 - $2,000 aircraft?

If you are a beginner, then probably NOT a wise choice of model airplane for your skill level. However, if you have flown many types of aircraft, and developed more flying skills, maybe you might consider such radio control airplanes.

Consider the EXPENSE:

Larger engines

Larger servos

Larger propellers

Larger wings and heavier airplane

3. How do you react when you experience a crash?

Everyone reacts diffently to airplane crashes. It is something all pilots experience, beginners or the very skilled. If you crash your aircraft regularly, then the price of a model airplane will matter to you. Ask for help if you are having problems flying.

4. Are you a skillful builder?

The one good thing about a crash, sometimes an airplane is repairable. You can repair the damage part of the aircraft. It is very possible that you can become a skillful builder while repairing and building model airplanes.

To conclude this article....

A fellow pilot likes to purchase cheap rc airplanes and build them to fly better than more expensive radio control airplanes.

He is very gifted and skillful at building and flying model aircraft. Airplanes-Price does not matter!

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