Foam RC Airplanes

Are you interested in learning about foam rc airplanes and how to build them?

Foam aircraft can be a great introduction for beginner pilots. They can be repaired rather quickly when crash damage occurs. Something to consider if you are on a flying airplanes budget.

If you are really interested in foam aircraft this article will provide some useful information.

Speaking of useful information...

How to cut foam model airplanes... Take a few some moments and watch the video tutorial After watching the video, there is a website that offers some fine airplane plans to choose from, it is called RCPlans.

Give them a visit and see if they offer something you might have interest in obtaining.

Check-out one great flying aircraft, it is called the FASTCAT.

Here is the link to RCPlans... When you visit that site, be sure to scroll down to the (fastcat) video, and watch it FLY!

A nice alternative to balsa wood, if you would like to explore new flying POSSIBILITIES!

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