If You Are Crashing-RCAirplanes TOO Often Should You Stop Flying?

If you are crashing-rcairplanes too often should you stop flying?

Well should you?


Crashing rc model airplanes is something that every pilot experiences from time to time. There is probably a good reason why need some help with your flying.

Well what could be the causes...

improper aircraft setup

rc engine malfunction

flying the wrong type of airplanes?

Maybe the problem could be YOU, meaning it might be something you are not doing correctly.

What should you do?

Examine your skill level...

- Are you a beginner?

- Are you an intermediate flier?

- Are you an experienced flier?

You will fit into one of the above categories.

Once you decide which category you are in...examine the type of radio control airplane that will assist in your flight development.

* If you are a beginner, seek help from rc airplane clubs in your city for flight assistant. Many are very experienced pilots and love helping new fliers in the hobby.

* If you are an intermediate flier, not sure which aircraft to fly? Ask a skilled aircraft sales person at your local hobby store for guidance. He will help you select the proper airplane for your skill level.

Flying a radio control airplane is great for your leisure time.

Apply the steps mentioned above, if you are experiencing crashes too often!

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