What to Look For in Ready to Fly RC Airplanes!

RTF-RCAirplanes I am referring to in this article, are the ones you see hanging from hobby store ceilings.

I have purchased one such aircraft, however there are some things you need to be informed about.

These aircraft can be great for pilots who do not have time to build or would rather fly immediately.

Ready to fly airplanes differ from one model to the other.

What I referring to each aircraft is built by a different person. It means the quality of the model needs to be considered before purchasing.

I did not even think to ASK the sales person, to remove the wing so that I could inspect the fuselage and servos.

Many airplanes look very inviting while hanging from store ceilings.

Allow me to list the following tips you should consider before purchasing.

- Tip 1.Do not purchase an Ready-to-Fly aircraft before examining it first. To examine the model, ask the sales-person to remove the wing from the from fuselage.

If the sales-person refuses, do not purchase the aircraft.

Why? because some models look great outwardly, but are poorly built. Meaning the fuselage, servos may not be aligned properly.

Always look inside of an aircraft thoughly before purchasing it!

- Tip 2.Find out if the aircraft has ever been flown. Believe it or not, some airplanes have never been flown and may not even FLY!

If the sales-person cannot locate the owner of the model, it would be best to not purchase the aircraft.

- Tip 3.Find out if the aircraft comes with a radio transmitter or other accessories.

Be sure to find out what is included with an aircraft before purchasing.

Now let me say this, ALL aircraft hanging from hobby shop ceilings are not to thought of as bad airplanes.

Some of those models are VERY good rc airplanes.

I simply wanted to share these tips from my experience, in hope that many of you can learn from them.

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