RC Safety

RC Safety is always Important!

Flying Airplanes is a lot of fun.

Also remmember to keep yourself and others from harm.

Listed below are the correct steps that you should follow

  • Always check your airplane properly before flying.
  • Check your radio Frequency for flight clearance before you turn on the transmitter.
  • Pilots cannot fly on the same channel.
  • Join a Local Flying Club if possible.
  • Join the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and get insuranced.
  • Listed below is the following you should NEVER do!

  • Fly near power lines.
  • Fly your airplane too far away.
  • Fly in very high winds.
  • Fly in an area too close to houses or trees.
  • Fly near an airport or freeway.
  • Fly if 2 or more planes are already in the air.
  • Fly if your reciever battery is low
  • Always charge it before flying.
  • Always use EYE googles or some type of eye protection when starting an rc airplane engine!

  • Do not use your bare hand, when attempting to flip the propeller of an rc airplane engine use an electric starter!

  • If you suffer a serious injury at the flying field, call 911 for emergency help!

  • Never attempt to fly, if you see lightning or heart thunder!

  • If you are already flying, and see lightning or hear thunder land your airplane IMMEDIATELY!

  • Do not stand in the middle of an open field when you see lightning of hear thunder, seek shelter in a vehicle or some place indoors!

    KEEP these Guidelines in Mind!

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