RC-Scratch-Building - Radio Controlled Airplanes

RC-Scratch-Building radio controlled airplanes is almost more fun than flying.

It allows you to create radio control planes your way. You have so much more freedom in the way a model aircraft can be designed.

For instance...

- Choose the size of the wingspan - Large or small.

- Choose the type of aircraft - Sports or Beginner.

Yes designing and building your own radio control models is a great deal of FUN. However, this level of the hobby is really for pilots who have more experience in building various models.

Why? because every pilot does not process or have developed the skills necessary to design their own aircraft.

It is quite different from building a model from plans, with this approach, you design the model and select your choice of wood.

You are doing all the work, that a manufacturer would have done.

When is the right time to design your own rc airplane plans?

* When you have built various aircraft.

* When you desire to build an aircraft that cannot be obtained from any manufacturer.

When you are ready, review the two categories above.

The way you learn to improve your building skills... is to build each new radio control airplane better!

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