Do you enjoy rc-building as much as flying model airplanes? Well many pilots love this side of the hobby. It is a great deal of fun to explore, if you have not started building radio control aircraft.

Every pilot needs to learn how to build aircraft at some point in their flying career. Why? because when you crash your aircraft sometimes, it might only need minor repairs. If you do not know how to build rc airplane models, your choices will be limited to ready to fly and almost ready to fly aircraft.

So do not limit yourself in that matter, learn how to build a model.

Ok...how do you learn?

What does building aircraft consist of?

Well it consist of several factors, the type of aircraft model, time and expense.

* Type of aircraft...as you may or may not know there are various airplane kits. Each one will require specific building skills.

* Time...different aircraft require specific time to complete. It depends on how much time you can provide in building a particular model.

* Skills...various aircraft require specific skills to build. If you are beginner, do not select a giant scale model as your first building project. Build a simple highwing trainer or sports model, and develop your skills.

Could I share my personal experience here?...

The very first balsa model I built was the (goldberg eagle 2) a highwing trainer kit. All I did was follow the directions from the instruction manuel that came with the airplane. Know what, the aircraft was very fun and easy to build. I learned to build other model aircraft and gained more experience.

The tower hobbies kaos40 was the first sport low wing aircraft I built. I began to build various models, and gained more experience as time passed. I learned to build biplanes and twin engine radio control airplane models.

Besides you NEED something to do when the weather is TOO COLD or wet outdoors!

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