RC Balsa Kits

Has Building become a Lost Art? No not Really!

RC Balsa kits for radio control airplane flying are not plentiful as they were in years past.

One reason might be, because many experienced and beginner pilots are preferring ARF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly) model airplanes. Many rc pilots do not have time to build balsa wood airplane kits.

In the early 1980's building rc models, was very popular with veteran pilots.Even beginners did not mine learning to build an radio control airplane before learning to fly.

But their are people building aircraft today. You can TOO!

What are the benefits of building model airplanes:

* Build more quality aircraft.

* Build your aircraft as light or heavy as you prefer.

* Build your model around a specific engine's specifications.

* Choose to cover or paint your favorite color scheme.

* Improve your aircraft building skills.

What are the downsides of building balsa aircraft:

- Building can be very time consuming.

- Covering material or paint can be very expensive.

- If you build your model incorrectly it will crash.

- Installing aircraft accessories correctly requires time.

However all is not lost, if you enjoy the art of building.

Yes it is a great way to build aircraft that you will enjoy by adding your special skills. What about improving your skills to the point of scratch building? That's even more fun, customize airplanes.

Balsa is great wood for building model aircraft, because it offers strength and density. National balsa has a large selection of woods to choose from such as:







to name a few.

They now offer laser cut.

click here to visit national balsa.

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