RC-AirplaneCovering is applying plastic heat-shrink film to balsa wood radio control built airplanes.

Most packages come with instructions.

The one I personally use is called (monokote) by Top-Flite.

It is a radio control airplane film, available in 60 colors.

It is also used by many aircraft builders,because it is stronger than other films.

If you have never covered a model before, it might appear a bit difficult upon first attempt. But dont get discouraged, I did not get it just right the very first time.

As a matter of fact, I did not get it right the second or third time.

I asked more experienced builders how they learned.

Many of them offered me great advice to use on future projects.

I applied the advice that was offered and I got better results.

However, it took a bit of practice. You will need to practice as well, but you will learn.

This is a learning skill.

Like anything in life you become Better with experience.

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