RC Airplane Radios Choose the Right One For Flying Model Airplanes

RC Airplane Radios come in many channel configurations for flying model airplanes. RC pilots have vast choices of channels to choose from 4,6,7,10,12 and 14.

A 6-channel radio is popular among new pilots, because of it's versatility. However, that may be true, it is very important you find the right radio transmitter for your skill level.

You do not need a 10-channel system, if you are a beginner.

Let's Talk Beginner RC Airplane Radios

A good beginner radio has 4 channels:

- Throttle

- Rudder

- Ailerons

- Elevator

These 4 basic channels are all a beginner pilot needs, while learning to fly rc aircraft. Why? because extra channels will not be used, you don't have the experience to operate more expensive radio transmitters.

Tip - Learn the basics of flying rc airplanes, and then move up to more advanced systems.

Advanced RC Airplane Radios

These advanced radios systems consist 6 - 14 computer channels.

If you have mastered your basic 4 channel unit, and need more channels: consider a 6 - channel computer system.


- It offers you more versatility and simple programming.

- 6 model memory

- Fly airplanes and Helicopter capability

- Servo reversing

- Throttle and Battery fail-safes

- Dual-Rate, Flap and Retract

- Trainer system

- Airplane and Heli menu

A 6 channel system is a great way to move into more advanced transmitters

14-Channel Computer Radio - The Ultimate System


- It offers a 640x 240 touch-screen color monitor

- 30 model memory

- Has programming for Helis, Airplanes and Sailplanes

- 9 flight conditions

- 4 engine mixing

- 2200mah TX pack and charger

Click here to visit 14 channel systems radios with everything you would ever NEED!

Most rc pilots will not need all of these functions, but they are there if ever needed.

Radio Transmitter Prices

Radio system prices vary, from unit to unit. A 6 channel system with 4 servos and accessories, might cost $259.00

A more expensive 14 channel might cost $2299.00, yes a very BIG difference.

Choosing the correct radio system is something only you can decide. Do not select just ANY system, if in doubt, visit a hobby store and ask an experienced rc salesperson for advice!

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