Flying Model Airplanes 5 Signs Show That You Fly TOO Much!

Many pilots love Flying Model Airplanes such as hangar 9 and other aircraft on any given weekend.

It is a great way to involve your entire family. That is fine as long as it continues to be a hobby. When it begins to take over your life, then there may be reason for concern.

Well how would you recognize such signs?

1.Flying Model Airplanes is all you think about.

*Fly all weekend - Saturday and Sunday.

2.Avoiding yard work on weekends.

*Telling your wife the lawn mower is broken.

3.Cannot attend a family gathering.

*The car has too many miles on it to make such a trip.

4.You are spending too much money on remote control airplanes.

*You are not paying your bills.

5.You even go to the hobby field during the work week.

*Instead of helping your wife around the house.

Now what is this? It is an ADDICTION

Understand this is not an INDICTMENT. You are just a little too passionate about your hobby.

CONFESSION, I have been as many many others too!

How do you regain control of yourself from such a passion?

Well let's take a look below...

1.Flying is all you think about.

- Fly maybe Saturday or Sunday and spend the other in another form of relaxation.

2.Avoiding yard work on weekends.

- Spend one weekend flying and the next on yard work.

3.Cannot attend the weekend family gathering.

- Call and talk to family members, plan to attend the next gathering.

4.Spending too much money on your hobby.

- Take care of your family and houshold needs first.

5.Cannot stay away from the flying field.

- Spen time with your wife and children during the week. They need to see YOU sometime!

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your sport, just do not let it CONTROL you!

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