Cheap-Beginner-Airplanes can be a great investment if you have an interest in learning how to fly radio control model airplanes.

The most important thing is to select an aircraft that's safe and affordable while learning to fly. Because you will experience various crashes while flying airplanes, it is part of the learning process.

This is why less expensive airplanes can be of benefit to the beginner pilot.

Well that said..what kind of aircraft should you start with?

Pictured below is a highwing trainer, the kind of aircraft that is recommended for new pilots.

They fly very gently through the sky. Some of these type of aircraft can be less expensive, than others. This is because many highwing trainers come (prebuilt) factory built. However some aircrat do require hours of building.

This can be very expensive for many people new to this hobby.

So what should you do then?

If you are interested in flying model aircraft...

- Visit a local hobby shop and ask the flying instructor about what is a good affordable radio control airplane.

- Select a electric highwing trainer airplane to fly, and see if you like this hobby or not before investing money.


- If you do decide to learn about flying, ask where could a experienced qualified flying (AMA)club instructor be contacted in assisting you in learning how to fly rc airplanes.

Learning to fly aircraft with an experienced flying instructor allows you to avoid many pitfalls.

He can advise you on selecting the proper airplane and radio accessories that will be needed for your first flight.

This is really the wisest approach to learning a new Hobby!

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