Is There Such a Thing as the Best RC Plane?

What is the BestRCPlane today?

Someone asked that question recently, however it is really difficult to honestly say if any radio control airplane could be considered the best.

The reason being, because each model is different from the other for certain purposes.

Maybe the REAL question should be, which aircraft can enhance your personal flying abilities?

There are many categories, which one do you fit into?

Such as...

- Beginner pilot

- Experienced pilot

- Expert pilot

Every pilot falls into one of the above categories.

Overall it really is a matter of personal opinion about any particular radio control model airplane being the absolute best.

Well why is that?

Everyone has a favorite model or models they simply enjoy flying.

Now the tower hobbies kaos 40 is my all time favorite aircraft to fly. I have flown the trainers, low wing sport planes and biplanes. Also many others over the years.

The conclusion to consider is, no ONE aircraft should be considered supreme.

Find a aircraft that fits your personal flying taste.

If it satisfies everything you want in an airplane, then that may very well be your Best plane!

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