Locating a Flight Instructor

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1.Purchased a RTF Highwing Trainer

2.Assemble the RTF Highwing Trainer for flight

3.Locating an Experienced R/C Flight Instructor

******************************************************* 1.Purchased a RTF Highwing Trainer **************************************************************** An RTF Airplane is a great model to start with if you don't have time to build. Everything is included, all you have to do is assemble your model and go fly.

If you are new to this very exciting hobby, a highwing trainer is highly recommended.

This particular airplane flies slowly through the air.

It helps the beginner get the feel or flying an aircraft through the sky.

********************************************************** 2.Assemble your Highwing Trainer for Flight *************************************************************** Now that you all the parts and accessories you need, read the manufacturer's instruction manual very carefully. Do not attempt to rush the instructions, you will miss some vital information pertaining to your aircraft.

Follow the instructions, if something is not clear, reread the manual until it becomes clearer to you.

Once the instructions are understood, then proceed ahead.

RTF airplanes are not really difficult to assemble, because everything has been done for you.

Now when you finally complete assembly of your airplane, do not attempt to fly it alone.

This brings us up to locating an experienced rc pilot to assist you in flying your new airplane.

********************************************************** 3.Locating an Experienced R/C Flight Instructor *************************************************************** Yes an experienced r/c flight instructor can assist you in flying your new airplane safely.

Check a rc hobby store and seek the assistance of an experienced rc airplane pilot.

That is one of the more safer methods, than going it alone and crashing your aircraft. Possibly doing harm to yourself or others.

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Keep your nose Level!

August James

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