Preparing for Your First Flight

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1. Preparation

2. Flight Conditions

3. First Flight Preparation

******************************************************* 1.Preparation **************************************************************** Preparation is a whole lot easier when you have an experienced flight instructor to help set your airplane up properly.

He will make sure everything is ready before your first flight.

2.Flight Conditions *************************************************************** Flight conditions must be adequate to ensure a fun, exciting and safe flying experience.

Great flying conditions are calm wind and blue skies, low humility.

These conditions are great for beginners as well as seasoned rc pilots.

3.Your First Flight will bring about a great deal of excitement. ***************************************************************

You will be very nervous even with your flight instructor, but this is normal.

As you get more comfortable flying rc airplanes, you will learn to relax more.

Your future flights will become more fun and exciting as you learn to apply the steps above!

*************************************************************** Yes an experienced r/c flight instructor can assist you in flying your new airplane safely.

Check a rc hobby store and seek the assistance of an experienced rc airplane pilot.

That is one of the more safer methods, than going it alone and crashing your aircraft. Possibly doing harm to yourself or others.

Until Then

Keep your nose Level!

August James

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